The Morning After

Ahhhh . . . the morning after!

Congratulations on a tremendous accomplishment!  First timers . . . you are now a “Marathoner”!  The conditions yesterday could have hardly been tougher, but you did it, your perseverance and training paid off.  It has been said that pain is temporary, satisfaction is eternal.  Your aches and pain will diminish over the next few days and become a fading, distant memory.  Whether or not you ever run another marathon or half-marathon, you will remember with great satisfaction finishing this one.

I hope everyone got some well deserved rest yesterday afternoon and evening.  Most everyone probably woke up this morning with some stiff muscles and joints.  Try to walk around some today and loosen everything back up.  I know you are sore but the more you move around the more quickly the soreness will go away.  Also, drink plenty of fluids.  If you would like to view something amusing, go to, click on “Photographs”, then click on the video about half way down on the right side of the screen titled “The Day After . . .”. 

There are so many individual stories within the race.  Each of you have something that motivated you to run the race in the first place.  There are those who overcame an injury or illness during training and then were motivated to resume and run the race.  Then, there are those stories of what motivated people during the race to finish when they were hurting and wanted to quite.  Many of you have shared those stories with us and they are inspiring.  These emails have reflected the training group and race as seen through my eyes.  We would love to have it from your perspective.  If you are willing to share those, we would love to have them to post on the blog or to put in the OKC Running Club newsletter.  They can be as short or long as you like. 

The high I experienced from working at the finish line may last for weeks.  There is nothing in the world quite like sharing the wide range of emotions experienced by those crossing the finish line.  It can be intense.  Those emotions range from ecstasy and joy to sadness and sorrow, some in moderation, others overwhelming.  It was my great privilege to greet you as you finished.  I’m sure Cara, Jackie, Bob, and Chisholm feel the same way.

My sincerest congratulations to each of you. 

April 25, 2010 is only 363 days away . . .


Bill Snipes

For the OKCMM Training Committee

WARNING:  Many times after a run like this you may find yourself saying: “What was I thinking!” or “I’ll NEVER do that again!”.  In a few days as the aches and pain go away, you may find yourself saying:  “I think I’ll try the full marathon next year” or “That wasn’t so bad, I think I can run it faster next time”.  Satisfaction is a powerful force . . .


It’s Time

It’s Time!!!

Marathon time is here!  There is a lot going on leading up to the race so be sure to check out the OKC Memorial Marathon web site for all of the events leading up to the race Sunday morning.

Celebrity/Legends Run – Saturday Morning, 7:00 a.m.

Join us Saturday morning for a short 3 mile run with marathon racing legends Bill Rogers, Dick Beardsley, Joan Benoit-Samuelson, Amy Palmiero-Winters, and other.  We will meet in the lobby of the downtown Sheraton Hotel at 6:45 a.m. and begin the run promptly at 7:00 a.m.  There will be time to visit with the “legends” before, during, and after the run.  This is a low intensity run, nothing to get stressed over.  Runners of all abilities participate.

Wrist Bands

The wrist bands are in and will be available at the OKC Running Club booth and The Runner booth at the Marathon Expo.  The Expo opens today at noon.  Be sure to pick one up and wear it in the race.  Only our group will be wearing these so give extra support and encouragement to those in the race wearing one.

Finish Line Area

The finish line of the race this year is going to be more tightly controlled than ever.  Cara Rogers, Bob Loving, Jackie Norvell, and I will be in the finish area as medical assistants to Dr. Tom.  We will also be there to greet you when you finish.  (Hopefully you won’t need medical assistance)  We’ll be wearing the Marathon Training Coordinator shirt that you have seen us in and yellow OKC Memorial Marathon caps.  We will be stationed about a block south on the actual finish line.  Expect for officials to move you through that one block area very quickly to cut down on congestion.

Volunteer Recognition

In Monday’s email I forgot to mention Devon (Christina Rehkop) and Objectstream (Biju Kurian).  Devon provided ALL of the Gu for every one of our training runs.  Objectstream manned the water stops in the Jack Rector Beacon Run and remained at their station despite the worst weather conditions of the season.  Thank for your support of our training group.

Lost & Found

If you are missing anything from one of the training runs, check at the OKC Running Club booth at the Expo.


It’s been a privilege and pleasure to have worked with such a dedicated group of runners and a great group of volunteers this season.  The committee wishes everyone a safe and successful run on Sunday.  You have train hard and have earned your position at the starting line.  Run wisely, with confidence, and enjoy the journey.  We look forward to seeing you at the finish line.


Bill Snipes

For the OKCMM Training Committee

Training Finale’

Training Finale’

The Oklahoma Memorial Marathon training group closed its training season on a soggy, chilly, and very windy Sunday morning, but the conditions didn’t dampen the runners’ spirits as they cruised through the 8 mile run.  Well, I’m not sure how many cruised over the Hefner Parkway bridge on the return to the parking area, but they were all confident smiles when they hit the finish area.  Then, it was party time as most everyone stuck around to enjoy the treats, listen to music, and visit with their fellow runners.  This group is marathon ready!

We have had a fantastic marathon training season and for the most part have trained in very cool weather.  According to the weather forecast, that will likely change by race day this Sunday as typical Oklahoma spring weather arrives.  The current forecast is for a low on Sunday morning of around 6o and a high in the low 80’s.  That is much warmer than what we are acclimated to so it would be a good idea to begin preparing early this week for those conditions.  I would strongly recommend that you review Dr. Tom’s hydration guidelines and Karen Massey’s nutrition information and take to heart what they advise.  If we have a warm Sunday morning be prepared to adjust your pace.

We have covered many miles since we started on January 3rd.  Use this week to rest and store up energy that you will need on Sunday.  A couple of very moderate runs this week will be plenty to keep your body well conditioned.  The danger this week is in doing too much, not in doing too little.  Take it easy and let any nagging little injuries have their best chance to heal.  You can’t really do any training this week that will help your performance on Sunday, but you can do much that will hurt it.  If you have completed all or most on our training sessions . . . you are ready.

Several of our regulars missed this last run because they are in Boston today to run the Boston Marathon.  Good luck to Donna and Troy Banks, Maurice Lee, Tom Briggs (24 years straight!), Doug Cunningham, and others who are running the most prestigious of all marathons today.


Jack’s Tips

Jack and Sherri Rector were featured in a very nice article on this morning’s sports page in the Daily Oklahoman.  Check it out if you missed it.  Jack always had his special tips for runners.  Many, many times we heard Jack talk about being a “stylish” runner.  By that Jack meant to run with a very upright, tall, and relaxed posture with a moderate amount of arm movement.  He believed doing so promoted the maximum amount of oxygen reaching your lungs and helped keep your back from getting tired. 


Green Wrist Bands

I promised everyone bright neon green wrist bands on Sunday morning and they didn’t arrive in time.  As soon as they get here I will let you know.  They can be picked up at The Runner through Saturday, or at the Marathon Expo on Friday or Saturday at either the OKC Running Club booth or The Runner booth.


Lost & Found

We have quite a collection of items in our lost and found.  If you are missing anything please check for it at the OKC Running Club booth at the Marathon Expo on Friday and Saturday.



How many people does it take to fill the shoes of Jack & Sherri Rector . . . a small army!  The concept of where to go with the training group in their absence was developed late last spring by Dr. Tom Coniglione.  A committee composed of Cara Rogers, Adi McCasland, David Ball, Kresta Logan, and Bill Snipes was formed and planning began.  With Dr. Tom as the trusted advisor the committee began developing this years training program.  We soon solicited the help of veteran runner and trainer, Mark Bravo, to design the actual mileage plan.  We meet with Thomas Hill, the president of the OKC Memorial Marathon, and he graciously agreed to provide us with whatever we needed, tables, coolers, PowerAde, cups, etc.  Thomas also saw to it that the training program and our blog were prominently featured on the OKCMM web site.  Cara served as our interface with the OKCMM people attending their regular meeting to keep us posted on what was going on there and coordinating the weekend runs when Bill was out of town.  Adi developed a survey seeking feedback on what you would like to see in a training program next year.  You will get that in a month or so.  Kresta seemed to always pitch in wherever she was needed and was invaluable to the committee as was everyone. 

The committee has learned a lot this year and we have made our share of mistakes.  With your continued feedback we’ll be back next year with a training program that is even better.  (Cara has promised to attend a special weather school). 

One person we can’t say enough about is Bob Loving.  Bob volunteered to be our course marshal every weekend that we ran on the streets.  He could regularly be seen patrolling the course in his black pickup, carrying extra supplies, providing traffic control, and aiding runners with whatever they needed.  True to his commitment to every runner out there, Bob never left the course until every runner was in. 

What would these runs be without our water stop volunteers?  David Ball and others did a great job of recruiting sponsors for our run.  Our sponsors were up before we were setting up the stations, filling coolers, and preparing for the arrival of the runners.  Then afterwards, tearing everything down and encouraging the runners at the finish.  Our weekly sponsors were:


Do Fitness                                                Don & Jeannie Oliver

Chesapeake Boathouse   (twice)                  Mary Jo Hope

The Runner (4 times!)                       

Brent Gaddis                      

American Fidelity Group                             Mike Nance

Bass Pro Shop                                          Angel Simpson

New Balance Store  (twice)                         Clint Fisher

Jack Rector Beacon Run                             Cara Rogers

Edmond Running Club                               Steve Sternloff

Chesapeake Energy                                   Kristi Anderson

OKCMM Training Committee (twice)

Food, have I mentioned food!  We runners love to eat . . . and many of us “run to eat”.  Consistently, every week the runners showed up with food to share after the run.  Many times the water stop sponsors provided treats as well.  On our first training run in Edmond, the Edmond Running Club welcomed us to their town with a fabulous after the run buffet.  I would love to mention all of those who brought food to share, but frankly I just don’t know who all of you are, or I just can’t remember.  Please know that we appreciate each and everyone of you.  There are some that are becoming legendary . . .  starting with Jane Pace.  Actually, Jane has been legendary for some years in this training group with her pumpkin bread.  I just don’t know that a training run would be complete without a slice of Jane’s bread.  Adi McCasland always shows up with something new and deliciously different to try out on the group, be it bread, granola, brownies, or whatever, I never pass up trying whatever Adi brings.  Jamie Pivniska has become the “no bake cookie” queen, I never leave a run without one.


Amy Palmiero-Winters Reception

Thursday Night, Metro Tech

6:00 – 7:00 Health Screening by Metro Tech

7:00 – 8:00 Amy Palmiero-Winters Reception & Talk

Don’t miss Amy’s inspiring story on Thursday night and the health screening provided by Metro Tech.  This event is sponsored jointly by the OKC Running Club and the OKC Memorial Marathon.


Legends Run

Saturday, 7:30 a.m.

Sheraton Hotel, Downtown

How would you like to do a short 3 mile run with some of the most famous marathoners ever?  Bill Rogers, Dick Beardsley, Joan Benoit-Samuelson, and others will be the special guest for a short 3 mile run on Saturday morning.  These celebrity runners are here for the marathon and every year hold this special unpublished run with local runners.  This is great fun, it’s done at a very moderate pace, and you can visit with them before, during, and after the run. 

Have a great week,

Bill Snipes

For the OKCMM Training Committee

Runners Cruise Through 12 Miles

Runners Cruise Through

 12 Miles

Runners poured in the Chesapeake parking lot early Saturday morning excited to begin the 12 mile run.  The near perfect weather conditions must have contributed greatly to the turnout of about 175 runners anxious to get started.  The temperature was in the low 40’s with virtually no wind (thank you Cara) under clear skies.  This was our first and only trek out on the north end of the marathon course and the run went without incident.  A special thanks goes out to Bob Loving and Cara Rogers for serving as course marshals and making sure traffic was aware of the runners on the road.  Afterward, the mood was festive and I sensed that there was still plenty of pent up energy in the runners as they completed their first taper down run.


We have now completed 15 weeks of the 16 week training program (94%), and 202 miles of the scheduled 210 miles in long weekend runs (96%).  That in itself is a monumental accomplishment.  Our first run (6 miles) on January 3rd was attended by approximately 120 runners.  We have had as many as 250 runners and average between 150 and 200 regulars each weekend.  We have dealt with severe weather extremes, wind, cold, ice, rain, and heat.  Many of us began this journey as strangers and have now become friends.  We have encouraged and supported each other before, during, after, and in between the runs.  What started as just a “bunch” of runners wanting to train for a marathon has become a mutually supportive and well conditioned “group”.  Race day is only 13 days away.  Our final training run (8 miles) will be next Sunday, 6 days away . . .

Chesapeake Energy & Kristi Anderson – Saturday’s Hero’s!

Kristi Anderson and Chesapeake Energy were responsible for the water stops on Saturday and what a terrific job they did.  Although all of our volunteers have been great, I don’t know that we’ve seen a more cheerful group of volunteers all season.  The stops were precisely located, well staffed with encouraging volunteers, and well stocked to supply the runner’s needs.  Kristi has done some of the long runs with us and definitely was in tune with what the runners would need.  A huge thanks goes out to her and her volunteers.

Final Training Run – 8 Miles from Stars and Stripes Park at Lake Hefne

Sunday, April 19th, 6:30 a.m.

Announcements             6:25 a.m.

Start Running               6:30 a.m.

After Party                    8 miles later

We will have our final group weekend training run on Sunday, April 19th at 6:30 a.m. at Stars and Stripes Park at Lake Hefner.  There will be one water stop on Grand Blvd. which you will pass going out and returning.  From the parking area we will run the “keyhole” around the park, then go down Grand Blvd. to Sherwood Lane, turn left to the Nichols Hills City Hall and then return to Stars and Stripes Park.  We will not repeat the “keyhole” on the return.  The course is mapped on


Jack’s Tips

The founder of the marathon training group, Jack Rector, always had a few race day tips for the runners.  When running a marathon Jack usually wore a shirt that in large bold letters on the front and back said “Go Jack Go”.  Jack thought it was important for runners to do this so spectators and volunteers along the way would know your name and be able to shout encouragement directly to you.  He found it very uplifting and encouraging to hear his name shouted as he passed through the miles.  You’ll probably see many people in the race doing that and if he were here he would certainly encourage you to do so.


Party Time

We hope everyone will make a special effort to attend the final training run this Sunday.  If your schedule permits, plan on sticking around for a while afterwards and enjoying the company of those with whom you have trained so long and hard.  If you are so inclined you might bring a snack or two to share with your fellow runners.  Hopefully, the weather will be accommodating and we’ll be able to party and celebrate the conclusion of our training.

I hope to see everyone on Sunday,


Bill Snipes

For the OKCMM Training Committee

Runners Sail Through 20 Miles

Runners Sail Through

 20 Miles

Well, maybe you didn’t sail through the first 10 miles, but you certainly did the second 10 miles.  There is nothing like a good tail wind on Classen Blvd. assuming you can survive to get to that point.  Reports are that the temperature was in the low 40’s and it has been suggested to me that I no longer leave Cara in charge until she masters weather control!  The three runs she presided over were the first run on the river (20 degrees), the Jack Rector Beacon Run (30 degrees) at the lake, and yesterday’s 20 miler on the course (40 degrees).  She is getting better. J


Congratulations, you have finished the lion’s share of the training . . . just two more runs.  It’s time to start tapering off until race day.  This is a time to let any aches and pain heal up and just maintain your conditioning until the actual race. 


Schedule Change!!!

Saturday, April 11th, 6:30 a.m.


By popular demand we are switching this coming weekend’s training run from Easter Sunday to Saturday.  The run will be a 12 miler on the north end of the actual course.  It will begin and end on Classen Blvd. in the Chesapeake campus between Western and NW 63, at their parking garage.  You have been through this area on all of the 20 mile runs.  The actual course can be viewed on the following link:


The course goes north on Classen from Chesapeake to Wilshire, then west to Waverly, then north to Britton Rd. (do not turn at the elephant!).  Then west on Britton to the lake, then north to a turn-around then south to Stars and Stripes Park, then east on S. Lake Hefner Drive/Grand Blvd. all the way to Classen, then east back to the Chesapeake campus.

Some have suggested a cut-through south of Britton between Waverly and May Avenue instead of going down Britton Rd.  That alternative route is problematic and complicated by significant storm sewer construction for several blocks on Stratford between Britton and Darkestone.  It would require a lot of winding around with the potential for runners to get lost.  It can be done but I wouldn’t suggest it unless you are very familiar with the area. 


Safety  – This route should have everyone off of Britton Road well before 8:00 a.m.  Please be careful on all of the roads, especially Britton.  It can have significant traffic even early on Saturday.  Yield to cars everywhere.  Another high traffic area will be the final ½ mile of the run from NW 63 and Grand to the finish.  Please be extra careful there as well.  Always run on the left side of the street facing traffic.



Water Stops – Chesapeake Energy

Our water stops will be at 3, 6, & 9 miles and will be handled by the Chesapeake Energy crew.  We are very grateful for their help.  Please give them a “thank-you” when you see them.


Amy Palmeiro-Winters Reception, Thursday April 23rd


The OKCMM and the OKC Running Club have joined forces to bring you this very special event.  Amy Palmeiro-Winters is a world class athlete who will be here for the OKC Memorial Marathon and who has agreed to speak to our group.  Check out  The event will be held at 7:00 p.m. at Metro Tech, 1900 Springlake Drive.  Mark your calendar so you won’t miss this event.  Metro Tech has also indicated that they will conduct a “health screening” for anyone interested from 6:00 – 7:00 that same evening, and provide some light snacks.


Have a great week and I look forward to seeing everyone on Saturday.



Bill Snipes

For the OKCMM Training Committee


What Snow???

What Snow???


Fooled again . . .  I listened to the weathermen last week and thought that the worse they said it was going to be, the less likely we were to have any snow.  Out of caution we rescheduled the run from Saturday to Sunday and the roughly 80 who showed up were rewarded with near perfect conditions Sunday morning, low 30’s, clear skies, and no wind.  Many of you went ahead and ran Saturday, and other than some pretty stiff winds conditions weren’t too bad.

It seems like January 3rd was just yesterday.  Though we have journeyed a long way the weeks have gone by quickly.  We are now at week 14 of the 16 week training program.  This is the last significant hurdle to get over before the race, the final 20 mile run.  It’s all downhill after this as we taper off with 12 and 8 mile runs the final two weeks.  So get psyched up runners, this is it!!!  We’ll have a big party when we finish the final 8 mile run at Lake Hefner.


Water Stops

The Edmond Running Club shifted gears with us and showed up Sunday to handle the water stops duties.  They were terrific, encouraging the runners, handing out water and PowerAde, and bringing goodies for the runners afterwards.  We really appreciate their flexibility and dedication to the running community.


For this week’s 20 miler Brent Gaddis and the crew from The Runner will be handling the water stops.  Be sure to show them your appreciation as they shuttle around the 20 mile course making sure everything is in order for the runners.


Heart and Soul

A couple of times each year the OKC Running Club conducts their Heart and Soul drive.  This is an opportunity for you runners to unload those old running shoe and shirts that are cluttering up your closet.  We collect the shirts and shoes and donate them, usually to the Jesus House.  So, please bring anything you can donate to the run this Sunday.  We are particularly looking for womens running shoes (sizes 6 – 7.5) that are needed for girls on a local middle school track team.  We will be collecting items before the start of the run.  This will be coordinated by OKCMM training committee member Kresta Logan.  Kresta will have a donation area near the start of our run.


OKCMM Packet Stuffing

We are still looking for a few more volunteers for the Tuesday, April 21st packet stuffing.  If you can help out please let me know by return email.  I’ll need your telephone number and t-shirt size.

I wish everyone the best on their final 20 miler this Sunday.  I am very disappointed that I will have to miss it because I will be out of town.  Cara Rogers with the training committee will fill in for me and do her usual wonderful job.


Good running to all,


Bill Snipes

For the OKCMM Training Committee

Sunday, Not Saturday!!!



Due to the likelihood of high winds, snow, icy roads, etc. we have decided to move the training run this weekend from Saturday to Sunday.  We will still meet at the same place, Edmond Petroleum Club, and at the same time 7:00 a.m.  The forecast for Sunday looks considerably better.  The run will be 12 miles.  We’ll start at the Petroleum Club, just north of 2nd and Sooner Rd. in Edmond, and run north on Sooner Rd. 6 miles to a point just north of Simmons Rd.  From there you will make a U-turn and return to the start.  There will be water stops at Covell Rd. (2 & 10 miles), Sorghum Mill Rd. (4 & 8 miles), and at the turn-around, Simmons Rd. (6 miles).

Edmond Running Club – Water Stops

The Edmond Running Club will be handling the water stops duties on Sunday.  Please express to them your appreciation for their service to the group.

Volunteer Opportunity!!!! – OKC Memorial Marathon Packet Stuffing

Many of our group members have indicated an interest in volunteering in some way.  Have I got a deal for you . . . OKC Memorial Marathon Packet Stuffing!  If you have never helped with this event you have miss one of my favorite volunteering opportunities.  The marathon organization has many thousands of packets to stuff for the runners to pick up at the marathon expo.  It takes a small army (about 75 people) of volunteers to get the packets stuffed, so we need a lot of help.  Packet stuffing will be Tuesday night, April 21st at the Kimray Conference Facility located at NW 42 & Sante Fe.  We need people as early as 5:00 p.m. to set up and we’ll work until the job is done, usually sometime between 9:00 and 10:00 p.m.  Hideaway pizza and cookies are provided to all volunteers.  This is really a fun time and a great chance to get to know your fellow runners a little better.

If you can help I need your name, telephone number, and t-shirt size (everyone gets an OKCMM volunteer shirt) as soon as possible.  You can send those to me by return email or sign the list at the run on Sunday.

From David Swanson – 24 Hour Brigade Run

Runners, thank you for your support of the 24 Hour Brigade!  I would have never made it through several rough patches without your cheers and encouragement!  We’ll run this mission again next year for sure.  Bookmark our website – – on your Favorites list and stay tuned for information about the 2nd Annual 24 Hour Brigade.  I’ll be thinking of your during the OKC Memorial Marathon.  I bid you run – now go strive with things impossible!



From Christi Woodworth – First time Half Marathoner in Little Rock, March 15th

I can’t thank this group enough for helping me successfully complete my first half marathon in Little Rock on 3/15!  I’m starting to run again this week and look forward to joining for 4-5 miles on Saturday.  Thank you, thank you, thank you.  I’m running the half in OKC as well.


Christi Woodworth


Saturday morning . . . sleep in and enjoy it!!!  Otherwise, there are a couple of 5K’s in the area if you just have to run.  Tough enough to wear pink, Troy?

I look forward to seeing everyone on SUNDAY,


Bill Snipes

For the OKCMM Training Committee