The Morning After

Ahhhh . . . the morning after!

Congratulations on a tremendous accomplishment!  First timers . . . you are now a “Marathoner”!  The conditions yesterday could have hardly been tougher, but you did it, your perseverance and training paid off.  It has been said that pain is temporary, satisfaction is eternal.  Your aches and pain will diminish over the next few days and become a fading, distant memory.  Whether or not you ever run another marathon or half-marathon, you will remember with great satisfaction finishing this one.

I hope everyone got some well deserved rest yesterday afternoon and evening.  Most everyone probably woke up this morning with some stiff muscles and joints.  Try to walk around some today and loosen everything back up.  I know you are sore but the more you move around the more quickly the soreness will go away.  Also, drink plenty of fluids.  If you would like to view something amusing, go to, click on “Photographs”, then click on the video about half way down on the right side of the screen titled “The Day After . . .”. 

There are so many individual stories within the race.  Each of you have something that motivated you to run the race in the first place.  There are those who overcame an injury or illness during training and then were motivated to resume and run the race.  Then, there are those stories of what motivated people during the race to finish when they were hurting and wanted to quite.  Many of you have shared those stories with us and they are inspiring.  These emails have reflected the training group and race as seen through my eyes.  We would love to have it from your perspective.  If you are willing to share those, we would love to have them to post on the blog or to put in the OKC Running Club newsletter.  They can be as short or long as you like. 

The high I experienced from working at the finish line may last for weeks.  There is nothing in the world quite like sharing the wide range of emotions experienced by those crossing the finish line.  It can be intense.  Those emotions range from ecstasy and joy to sadness and sorrow, some in moderation, others overwhelming.  It was my great privilege to greet you as you finished.  I’m sure Cara, Jackie, Bob, and Chisholm feel the same way.

My sincerest congratulations to each of you. 

April 25, 2010 is only 363 days away . . .


Bill Snipes

For the OKCMM Training Committee

WARNING:  Many times after a run like this you may find yourself saying: “What was I thinking!” or “I’ll NEVER do that again!”.  In a few days as the aches and pain go away, you may find yourself saying:  “I think I’ll try the full marathon next year” or “That wasn’t so bad, I think I can run it faster next time”.  Satisfaction is a powerful force . . .


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